School Website Design and Development

An Educational Portal has been developed to address the needs of the educational community in the region and to foster the adoption of Information Society Technologies within the EIMS ERP Software. It provides various online community facilities and access to educational resources for supporting collaboration, assistive learning and teaching practices.

This effort addresses a crucial educational challenge, which is to maximize access to the information resources required to improve existing teaching, learning and research practices in education, and aims to establish a technologically aware society. In particular, the Educational Portal of Redox is aimed to:

  • bridge the gap among students, educators, parents and administration, in order to increase interactivity and communication and to facilitate collaborative work and research
  • enhance student's awareness and exploration of educational resources available in the Web, and thereby create opportunities for the students to increase their learning potential
  • increase the use of the Web by students and teachers and thereby foster further adoption of Information Society ideals within the educational community.

Towards achieving the above objectives, the Educational Portal and EIMS ERP Software provides to its users the following tools and services:

  • EIMS ERP Software
    An integrated solution for complete computerization for School & College, build on the most futuristic and highly sophisticated Java" environment, denoted as E I M S ® - Educational Institute Management System. The solution has been implemented in many prominent and reputed School & College across country. Educational Institute Management System (EIMSTM) is best software for Nursery Schools, Schools , Colleges, Institutes, Engineering Colleges, Management Colleges, Medical Colleges, Degree Colleges
  • Student / Parent Webportal
    The data process or captured in EIMS ERP is available for Parents / Students / Staff / Teachers in there respective login
    Student / Parent Login
    Both student and parent can see academic as well as financial details i.e results, library, time-table, assignments, attendance, fee and Online Fee Payment etc
  • Android Application
    Student / Parent / Staff / Teacher can also connect via android application. EIMS -Android is state of art android application which runs in android Kitcat, Lollypop and Marshmello
  • SMS-Short Messaging System

    SMS based interactive system is a Oneway information broadcasting tool to provide Institute/ Organization related information to the students/ parents/ visitors/staff on their mobile phones using SMS facility. SMS tool is very interactive and robust system to get information on the mobile phone as and when required. This application software allows full resource sharing and integration with the existing database of EIMS - Integrated Software Solution, Our Software solution for the complete computerization of Educational Institutions. The SMS based interactive system as discussed, shall cover the following informational requirements:

    Registration and Admission

    • Interview Dates of Registration
    • Confirmation of Admission
    • Dates of admission

    Fee Alerts

    • Details of the current fee due
    • Fee payment Reminders to defaulters
    • Confirmation of fees paid

    Attendance status of the student

    • List of Advertisements
    • Result Alerts
    • Exam Date Information
    • Summarized Result Information

    Library Alerts

    • Books Due/Overdue Information
    • New arrivals Information

    Payroll Alerts

    • Alerts for Salary credit to bank account
    • Deduction of TDS
    • Information to All/Selected Staff members for Meeting
    • Alerts for Income Tax form submission/ last dates, etc

    Special Announcements

    • New / Events information
    • Holidays information
    • Bus information
    • Customized wishes
    • Urgent alerts to parents/students
  • Access Control System for both Student and Teacher

    Access control means restricting the entry of unauthorized person(s) or employee(s)/student(s) to a particular section of the organization. While implementing the access permission, we require to install an electromagnetic lock on the door(s) of the restricted area. The reader is connected to the electromagnetic lock, every time a person entering the area is supposed to show his card to the reader. If the person is permitted inside, the door will open automatically otherwise not and within milliseconds the information of the unauthorized person is flashed on any node/terminal attached therewith. People can be authorized and restricted for access permissions according to time and requirement. We call it "Masking" which can be done for any number of employee(s) /student(s)/authorized person.

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What we offer

Now you can also hire our services on SaaS model i.e. Instead of investing huge amount you can use our cms on annual subscription.

There are four different model from basic to most advanced , flexible and state of art Content Management System


  • 6999 / Annum
  • 500 Mb Storage
  • 5 Static Pages
  • 6 CMS Section
  • Design Responsive Template
  • 1 Email Address
  • Online Support
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  • 19,999 / Annum
  • 1.5 GB Storage
  • 12 Static Pages
  • 16 CMS Section
  • Design Responsive Template
  • 3 Email Address
  • Online Support
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  • 24,999 / Annum
  • 2 GB Storage
  • 25 Static Pages
  • 28 CMS Section
  • Design Responsive Unique Template
  • 5 Email Address
  • Online Support
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